The Marco Polo MKII™ TV Demodulator is a universal television demodulator, which demodulates the full range of frequencies.

The Marco Polo MKII hyper band tuner covers the whole channel range going from 45 MHz to 860 MHz. The multi standard feature allows for demodulation of all worldwide channel system, viz. BG, DK, L, I and MN. The Marco Polo MKII supports Teletext and Closed Captioning decoding.
  • High performance multi-standard off air receiver demodulator
  • Multi-band tuning with random access or search for easy program selection
  • Two-carrier multistandard FM demodulation for B/G, D/K and Mk standard *
  • Nicam decoder for B/G, D/K, I and L standard
  • BTSC stereo / SAP / DBX decoder for M/N standard
  • Audio output configurations for every requirement
  • Speaker output with volume, balance, treble and bass control
  • Controls for video and audio gain
  • Closed captioning and teletext decoder supporting TOP and FLOF
  • Simple and user-friendly control with backlit LCD or on screen display
  • Infrared or wired remote control
  • Remote control with ROSA NMS
  • Will fit your needs and your budget

  Marco Polo MKII Universal TV Demodulator

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