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Multi-Channel Deletion (digital)
Multi-Channel Deletion (digital)


QAM Multi-Channel Deletion Filter Networks

17900 Series (Contiguous) Multi-Channel Deletion network

Deletes a block of consecutive QAM Channels - for the purpose of reinserting new programming within that block - without disrupting adjacent QAM (or analog) channels performance Each deletion network is comprised of highly-versatile filter components. This versatility results in deletion networks that use less filter components to delete X number of channels vs. other multi-channel deletion networks on the market that consist of "daisy-chained" X number of single channel deletion filters.

Main advantages of using less filter components:

  • Less cost to the customer
  • Superior performance - due to less component interaction. (i.e. - Better Group Delay, Flatness, etc.)

    Note: In many cases these filter assemblies can be installed in 1 or 2 (RU) rack chassis configurations.

Other features:

  • Preserves all other QAM (or analog) channels from (5-1000) MHz.
  • Single Panel Mount - Suitable for rack or, wall or table installation
  • Fast Turnaround - Typically available to ship within 1 week ARO.

Product Nomenclature:

Model 17900-XX/YY
XX = First deleted channel/ YY = Last deleted channel

If you need to delete two or more non-contiguous QAM channels, ask about our 17800 Series multi-channel deletion filter networks.

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17900 series deletes a block of consecutive QAM channels.

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