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UMH160R Receiver UMH160R Receiver

UMH160R is a powerful and cost-effective broadcast level receiver/decoder. It supports MPEG-2/H.264 SD/HD signal receiving through various inputs, and then decrypt and covert the processed programs/transport steams through a rich set of outputs including CVBS, HDMI, SD/HD SDI, ASI, TS/IP and QAM/OFDM.

It supports multi-channel descrambling, multiplexing, transcoding and transmodulating. It also supports video decoding with two audio channels. With the web-based management interfaces, it is ideal to support advanced content distribution, real-time signal conversion and transmission via an all IP headend system.

Cost-effective for multi-program (H.264 SD/HD) distribution
UMH160R supports to receive all kinds of digital television signal in the world (DVB, ISDB-T and ATSC), and then helps to distribute the signal in a way that operators prefer through its various outputs interface. No matter it is for traditional transmission in a HFC network, or in a all IP-based network, UMH160R can all best fit for the needs of high quality and cost-effective video distribution.

Best Value Solution
Receiving, decoding, descrambling, transmodulation and transcoding all can be achieved in a single 1RU chassis. For small to medium size application, probably UMH160R can handle almost all the system processing, offering best value solution to operators.

Support existing legacy network via transcoding
The trend to HD and H.264 content distribution creates business continuity issue. In combination with the MPEG-2/H.264 mutual transcoding function, UMH160R helps operator to complete the content receiving in accordance with the latest digital standard, and then distribute through legacy equipments and network in a more flexible and efficient way.

Bring more audience
Offer 2 pairs of audio decoding in either digital or analogue format in order to meet the demand of multi-languages application. UMH160R is suitable for the operators who requires multi-audio supporting.

Reduce Operational Costs
The UMH160R can support OTA operation (optional), and allow operator to manage, configure and monitor the IRD remotely with less manual work. It makes UMH160R a top and cost-effective choice for operators who are in need of remote management.

UMH160 Receiver UMH160 Receiver

UMH160 is Wellav’s standard DVB MPEG-2/H.264 receiver decoder. It can receives MPEG-2 and H.264 signals in DVB-S/S2, DVB-C/T, ASI and TS/IP format and convert signals to CVBS,HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, ASI and TS/IP. It also supports multi-channel DVB decryption and BISS descrambling. With web-based network management interface, it is an ideal equipment for large scale content contribution and distribution.

1) Receive MPEG-2/H.264 signals in DVB-C/T/S/S2, ASI and TS/IP (optional) format
2) Decrypt multi-channel programs via two common interface slots, which support descrambling of CAS such as Conax, Irdeto, Viacess, NDS, Verimatrix/Comvenient, CTI and etc.
3) Support ASI-IP & IP-ASI real time conversion and transmission for signal transmission (UMH160 IP)
4) Support program edition and AD insertion via SD/HD-SDI output
5) Support program filtering and timer function
6) Support BISS-1 and BISS-E function
7) Support online and remote configuration via network management software and SNMP integration

SMP180 Multi Channel Receiver SMP180 Multi Channel Receiver

With a flexible modular design, SMP180 can receive and process digital programs from up to 12 DVB-S2 transponders or 12 QAM-RF frequencies. With a different set up, SMP180 can support program decryption via four multi-channel CAM modules with commonly adopted CAS in the market. With ASI and IP interfaces for input and output, SMP180 can be integrated into any headend systems for content delivery and re-distribution.

1) Variety of inputs including DVB-S2, QAM-RF, ASI and IP
2) Independent ASI and IP output for different applications.
3) Up to four integrated DVB common interfaces to descramble four full transport streams
4) Support program remultiplexing and PSI/SI table regeneration
5) Support EPG/EIT remultiplexing (optional)
6) Support MPE decapsulation solution (optional)
7) Configuration and monitoring programs via NMS, Web GUI or SNMP)

WHD7010 WHD7010

WHD7010 can greatly improve the subscribers’ satisfaction and reduce the operators’ delivery cost with the frontier technique in both hardware and software. Based on the operator needs, many options can be provided:

1) DVB-C Receiving
2) H.264 SD/HD Decoding
3) HD video resolution up to 1080p
4) PVR & Time-shift Function
5) Support DVB and SCTE-27 subtitle
6) Dolby AC-3 option
7) CAS/EPG/Middleware support
8) OTA update
9) Power-off protection

WCD1208 SD Receiver WCD1208 SD Receiver

With improved stability and multiple new features, These receivers provides more options for operators to customize for their unique environments.

1) Fully MPEG-2 / H.264 SD digital and DVB-C/T/S2 compliant
2) ITU J.83 Annex A, B, C support ( DVB-C )
3) Support advertising in boot screen, menu and programs
4) Super fast teletext (OSD)
5) Multi-languages EPG, teletext and DVB subtitle support
6) True color on screen display with multiple languages
7) Up to 5,000 TV and radio channels programmable
8) Variable Aspect Ratio (4:3, 16:9) with Pan Vector and Letter Box
9) Four search modes: Manual/NIT/All frequency/Advanced
10) CAS Suppor, including: Conax, Verimatrix, Wellfly, Comvenient /Betacrypt, DV-Crypt, CTI& more
11) 8 favorite channel groups setting, 10 timer setting and parental lock function
12) Software upgrades through RS232 port