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PROLITE-105: Triple wavelength LASER source

Triple laser source to meet any requeriment of fibre optics for FTTHx networks at wavelengths1310, 1490 and 1550 nm.

Low-frequency modulation selectable for each wavelength. Sequential mode for automatic measurements when combining with aPROLITE-67 or a PROLITE-77.

PROLITE-55: Low cost triple LASER source

The PROLITE-55 offers 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm with excellent stability for accurate fiber testing, especially in FTTx. This compact instrument operates in either continuous wave (CW) mode or modulated mode.

The PROLITE-55 can transmit with a wavelength identification digital encrypted protocol, enabling the PROLITE-63B power meter to automatically shift to the proper calibration wavelength. This feature reduces the need of communication between the two users and decrease the potential for error.