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PROMAX-37 is an analyser for the installation, configuration and maintenance of video and high speed data interactive services over TV networks based on the EuroDOCSIS and DOCSIS 3.0 standard. It allows the qualification of VoIP and IPTV services.

The PROMAX-37 incorporates the most advanced functions in accordance to updates made on the latest version of the DOCSIS 3.0protocol, which includes channel bonding technology, allowing the instrument to be adapted to the latest technologies implemented by data over cable network operators.

It incorporates functions to measure and check channel bonding and VoIP and the sweeper function, which can test and adjust tilt and gain of the upstream distribution amplifiers.


The PROMAX-12 incorporates the measurements for installation, verification and maintenance of reception and distribution systems for FM radio, MATV, CATV and MMDS, including the sub-band (return path).

PROMAX-12 is a QAM analyser that also enables the measurement of DVB-T (COFDM) signals by installing the OP-012-O option.

Now it includes a new function to measures power level measurement over a complete frequency band, very useful for detecting saturation in the input of some broadband demodulators. PROMAX-12 is a multistantard instrument, so it can be used in any network in the world.