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VH4000/VH2000 VH4000/VH2000

The ARRIS VH4000/VH2000 Virtual Hub (VHub) replaces a typical 20,000-customer hub facility with a fully operational hub in a standard node housing. Operators can launch complete systems solutions, such as broadcast/narrowcast (BC/NC) amplification and combining, RFoG, and EPON, from a single VHub. Its modular design also ensures flexibility. Operators can populate the VHub with any combination of up to 12 modules to support both residential and commercial applications. Remote monitoring and control via ARRIS’s Opti-Trace EMS software simplifies management as well.

ARRIS VHubs are available in 6- and 12-slot models, both of which use the same modules and plug-ins, have common headend equipment for operation, and share the same integrated status monitoring and control. With the continual introduction of ever more advanced plug-in modules to meet evolving industry needs, the VHub plays a key role in the applications of today and into the future.