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Cisco D9800 Network Transport Receiver Cisco D9800 Network Transport Receiver

The Cisco® D9800 Network Transport Receiver (Figure 1) is the most versatile receiver designed offering hardware configurability and Over The Air (OTA) licensing that allows content providers to customize the product to support the gamut of their applications. Designed to support High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and Ultrahigh-Definition (UHD) delivery over satellite and IP terrestrial content distribution networks requiring Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite (DVB-S), Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation (DVB-S2), and IP reception capabilities, it future proofs the next network expansion. The D9800 chassis is available in a single stream variant for decoding to baseband digital or analog video and multi-stream variant for bulk decryption and high density transcoding applications.

The single stream variant focuses on single service video decode applications. The integrated video decoder can decode an MPEG-2, Advanced Video Coding (AVC), or HEVC video-encoded service and output the Serial Digital Interface (SDI) or composite uncompressed video. The D9800 is capable of outputting simultaneous High-Definition (HD) and down-converted Standard Definition (SD).

The multi-stream chassis is targeted towards applications that require decryption and/or transcoding on multiple video services within a transport stream or multiple transport streams. The optional satellite front end has four demodulators for sourcing content across transponders. The multi-stream chassis can decrypt up to 32 PowerVu services and transcode up to 16 services of AVC to MPEG-2 making it ideal for content providers carrying a high number of channels. The optional high density HEVC card adds the ability to transcode from an HEVC encoded source.

For content providers exploring migration from satellite distribution to IP, the D9800 offers several options that enable content providers a path to a graceful migration. MPEGoIP is available for leased line fixed bandwidth applications as well as Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) and Zixi for transmission over the Content Delivery Networks (CDN). For these use cases, the outputs of the receiver remain transparent so any output application can be served with these new input sources.