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ATX’s MAXNET original platform provides a high density, fully integrated RF signal management solution. At ATX, we work with you to provide a solution from our products shown here, or customize one to meet your specific needs.

ATX’s MAXNET product line provides a high density, fully integrated RF signal management solution. ATX’s high quality MAXNET products consist of a vast array of RF splitters/combiners, DCs, filters, pads/EQs, as well as amplifiers, RF switch products, and power supplies.
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Passive Modules Active Amplifiers & RF Switches Chassis & Power Supplies
Passive modules include multiple configurations of MAXNET splitters/combiners, DCs, filters, and a signal conditioning (pad/EQ) module. All splitting, combining, and DC modules are equipped with plug-in pads and EQs (where applicable). ATX offers hot-swappable MAXNET amplifiers in a variety of technologies (GaAs and GaN), as well as an RF detector/switch and a dual A/B switch. Depending on your needs, ATX offers MAXNET standard active and active powered chassis (5RU) along with passive chassis (1RU, 3RU, 5RU). Choose from an assortment of cable management selections including trays, ears, and bars. Hot-swappable power supplies are available in both AC and -48V powering versions.
Filters Pads / EQs / Connectors / Accessories
ATX has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industry leading, high performance RF filters. MAXNET filter modules are offered in most of ATX’s standard formats including highpass, lowpass, general bandpass, wide bandpass, diplex, noise filter for fiber optic systems, and band rejection. These filters are available in many combinations of the types listed above.

To ensure each piece of the broadband network meets a standard of high performance, ATX has developed many accessories for the MAXNET RF management platform that are sometimes overlooked. Items include blank panels, installation tools, BNC compression connectors, pads and EQs, patch panels, and quality F and BNC terminators.

ATX also provides pads/EQs for the many other competitive lines, fuses and breakers, as well as amplifier replacement parts such as diodes, transistors, hybrids, capacitors, resistors, “pots”, rectifiers, inductors, and hardware.