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Network Tracker products are a full network monitoring workforce and operational tools that enable automation and quality assurance in FCC proof of performance, mission critical performance monitoring, reference metrics, 24/7 monitoring of tough customer intermittent problems, performance benchmarks, and true HFC analysis. CheetahXD Management System Software consolidates HFC network operations by integrating event and performance data that helps to reduce operational cost, improve network performance and result in enhanced customer satisfaction.
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Cheetah Network Tracker Cheetah Network Tracker

The Cheetah Network Tracker is a strand or pedestal mounted network test and DOCSIS® performance monitor agent that is capable of a wide range of programmed network quality assurance tasks. It can be tasked to perform:

  • Analog RF power level measurements, digital RF carrier and DOCSIS® data measurements
  • Physical and structural integrity measurements
  • Power level measurements
  • Measurement data in real time to aid in diagnosing network faults
  • Scheduled measurements to aid in diagnosing intermittent network performance issues
  • Monitoring and alarming on specific RF characteristics to proactively notify users when RF characteristics are outside of user-defined parameters

Network Tracker Plus Network Tracker Plus

Cheetah Network Tracker Plus™
DOCSIS® Network Performance Monitor

The Cheetah Network Tracker Plus is a revolutionary device that allows a CATV operator to install them at any mission critical or end of line location in a HFC broadband network. The Network Tracker Plus can be creatively used to improve network quality & reliability, to enable a quality assurance program, and to achieve workforce automation. Network Tracker Plus allows the CATV operator to complete on-demand or scheduled system analysis at any location from the office to the consumer.

  • Network Tracker Plus units can be installed at end of line locations to automate the semi-annual FCC proof of performance test process.
  • Network Tracker Plus can be used as a 24-hour monitor for difficult customer network or content troubleshooting issues.
  • CATV operators can use Network Tracker Plus as a workforce quality assurance tool installed beyond a work area to eliminate inadvertent workforce caused outages.
  • Network Tracker Plus installed at key system health points, such as longest coaxial feeder cable, longest optical link, fiber service areas, and other locations can provide long-term system analysis and scorecards.
  • Using Network Tracker Plus PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports for a wide range of institutional network purposes. Close circuit television networks, wireless access points, emergency call boxes are just some of the devices that can be integrated from to the PoE ports.

CheetahLynx Controller CheetahLynx Controller

Controller for Cheetah’s Network Tracker

Cheetah Technologies’ CheetahLynx Controller is a one rack unit, small form factor IP based network element that enables clients to remotely view and alarm on RF level and DOCSIS® channel measurements using Cheetah’s Network Tracker device. The controller can be setup for manual or automatic discovery of all Network Tracker devices deployed throughout the network (up to 200 devices per controller). As the number of Network Tracker deployments grows, additional controllers can be added to meet system expansion requirements.