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Flex Maxâ„¢ FM321e-LE 1 GHz Flex Max™ FM321e-LE 1 GHz

The Flex Max™ FM321e-LE 1 GHz line extender amplifier is designed to extend existing systems or build out new networks, providing operators with the ability to quickly add high-output capacity with minimal disruption. The FM321e-LE features a host of drop-in module options that operators can use to cost-effectively upgrade legacy 9-LH series housings for integration into 1 GHz architectures, while FM321e-LE units with 110 or 230 VAC powering options are excellent solutions for deployments in high-rise buildings and medium-to-large MDUs.

Flex Max FM331-LE Flex Max FM331-LE

Drop-in RF modules are a cost-effective way for operators to upgrade networks with existing legacy C-COR 2-port housings—such as the FlexNet 700 series, Flex Max™ FM340 series, and Flex Max™ FM330 series line extenders—with minimal network disruption. The FM331-LE 1 GHz Line Extender Amplifier is designed to extend existing systems or build out new networks, providing operators with the ability to quickly add high output capacity with minimal disruption. By integrating the FM331-LE into their design systems, operators can more cost-effectively upgrade 750/870 MHz system bandwidths.

Flex Max FM601e-T/B/LE Flex Max FM601e-T/B/LE

For cable operators looking to ensure maximum backwards compatibility and scalability and protect network investments, ARRIS offers solutions that deliver new services with minimal capital expenditure, enhance network efficiency, and increase subscriber satisfaction. The Flex Max FM601e-T/B/LE 1 GHz trunk, bridger and line extender amplifiers are designed to easily and cost effectively increase bandwidth from 750/870 MHz to 1 GHz in legacy Philips networks. They can be deployed as complete units in new builds or plant extensions, or as drop in upgrades for Philips 9-NH series housings. These amplifiers accept legacy style 750/870 MHz EQs and Pads so that Philips amplifier networks can be efficiently extended or upgraded using common style plug-ins. Several frequency split options for expanding broadband networks are available. The plug-in filter design allows for bench upgradability to any offered frequency split for maximum flexibility. Optional GaN (Gallium Nitrite) technology for higher output capability is also available on the FM601e-B bridger amplifier.