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ATX’s GigaXtend SG Series of 1.2GHz Taps and Passives are critical components for MSOs delivering the full bandwidth potential of DOCSIS 3.1. This comprehensive family of hardline taps and passives are based on a trusted and well-regarded technology foundation, enabling MSOs to seamlessly and cost-effective evolve their HFC networks.
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GainMaker Optoelectronic Node 1GHz GainMaker Optoelectronic Node 1GHz

The GainMaker® Node is designed to serve as the cornerstone of today’s emerging fiber deeper network architectures.  The GainMaker Node combines the superior proven technologies of both the GainMaker RF Amplifier and Prisma® Optical components.  Available with two or three high level RF output ports, it is the ideal platform for delivering video (digital and analog) as well as high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks.  With its modular design of fiber receiver, reverse fiber transmitter and RF amplifier electronics, the GainMaker Node station can provide the full complement of functions required by advanced networks.

The GainMaker Node accommodates a second forward receiver with an RF switch to accommodate forward path optical redundancy.  Reverse traffic can be combined and routed to FP, DFB, or CWDM reverse transmitters.  The High Gain Dual launch amplifier module provides two high-level outputs (with the ability to split one internally to feed a third port).   Additionally, the GainMaker Node is available with an optional custom status monitoring transponder for use with Scientific-Atlanta’s ROSA / TNCS status monitoring and control element manager.  On-board temperature, automatic gain control (AGC) levels, RF switch position, power supply condition, as well as other features/parameters can be monitored through this transponder.

Installation of the GainMaker Node is quick and easy.  The GainMaker Node can be ordered as a complete node or as an upgrade kit for existing GainMaker System amplifiers.  The fiber receiver is delivered with preconnectorized fiber terminations.  The optional preconnectorized cable stub is the ideal method for connecting the GainMaker Node to the fiber network (see cable stubs data sheet).  External termination connectors are also available for central strength member and LXE style fiber optic cables.  The GainMaker Node includes a 4-fiber handling tray for these cables.

System reliability and upgrade flexibility are integral to the construction of the GainMaker Node.  Key features include a chromate plated housing to withstand harsher operating environments, local status monitoring of each module, and a 1 GHz housing for future higher bandwidth applications.

GigaXtend SGT 1.25GHz Taps GigaXtend SGT 1.25GHz Taps

The ATX SGT 1.25GHz Tap product line allows MSOs to fully and efficiently utilize their broadband networks to provide all DOCSIS services up to version 3.1 The devices will work with any upstream/downstream split used today to greatly increase upstream capacity. Downstream capacity may be recovered utilizing OFDM in the full 1218MHz spectrum that these devices support These capabilities allow MSOs to build an entire HFC ecosystem that would offer higher data rate tiers to subscribers, supporting new and improved services along with maximizing revenue per subscriber.

GigaXtend SGP 1.2GHz Passives GigaXtend SGP 1.2GHz Passives

Today’s MSOs are challenged to deliver new and improved services to subscribers, as cost-effectively as possible. The ATX GigaXtend SGP 1.25GHz Passives product line provides full support of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard and OFDM sub carrier requirements. This allows MSOs to increase frequency of devices to the 1.218GHz spectrum across the existing network. Added capacity plus reliable performance means better service for customers.

The ATX GigaXtend SGP 1.25GHz SGP Passive family of products is designed for optimal reliability in broadband networks. The 6 kV surge specification, industry-leading hum modulation and the power soak ratings of the directional couplers, splitters, and power inserters, coupled with the outstanding insertion-loss specifications, help ensure the reliable performance required in the most demanding applications.

GigaXtend SGDT 1.2GHz Drop Power Taps GigaXtend SGDT 1.2GHz Drop Power Taps

The ATX GigaXtend SGDT 1.25GHz Taps with power distribution tap port designed for the DOCSIS® 3.1 evolution of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks. DOCSIS 3.1 technology allows cable operators to fully and efficiently use their broadband networks to provide the services that subscribers demand. As part of DOCSIS 3.1 support, the broadband operating frequency range has been increased to cover the entire 5MHz to 1.218GHz spectrum. With the addition of a power-distributing tap port, other network devices can be served through a simple tap connection.

These products are also fully compatible with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) signaling requirements. These capabilities can contribute to higher customer revenue by allowing increased bandwidth across a network and the ability to extend network powering so services, such as wireless network devices, can be provided. The taps offer best-in-class performance along with added flexibility in system design. This flexibility is achieved using three types — reverse attenuators, forward equalizers and forward inverse equalizers — of optional plug-ins that are ideal for higher output, deep-fiber architectures.

GigaXtend RWT 1.2GHz Taps GigaXtend RWT 1.2GHz Taps

ATX GigaXtend RWT 1.25GHz reverse window taps are designed for the DOCSIS® 3.1 evolution of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networks. They offer all the benefits of ATX’s standard SGT taps and allow increased efficiency in system design by reducing reverse-path tap losses and tilted forward path tap losses.

Reverse window taps provide benefits in the HFC plant at tap locations with high-level forward RF signals and significant up-tilt (typically the tap locations closest to nodes and amplifiers). The 1.25GHz reverse window taps are offered in several forward and reverse tap values.