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GainMaker High Gain Balanced Triple System Amplifier 1 GHz
GainMaker High Gain Balanced Triple System Amplifier 1 GHz

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Product Code: 1152G

The GainMaker® Broadband Amplifier Platform includes a variety of RF amplifiers that address the divergent needs of today’s broadband networks. All GainMaker amplifiers provide superior 2-way performance and reliability combined with a user-friendly layout. All share common plug-in accessories and perform to 1 GHz in the forward path. The System Amplifiers in this family provide multiple forward RF output ports while the Line Extenders provide a single forward RF output port.
GainMaker System Amplifiers utilize GaAsFET technology in the interstage and output gain stages for improved distortion performance.
The GainMaker System Amplifier modules have increased gain and are mechanically compatible with previous System Amplifier II, II+, and III housing bases, often enabling upgrade to higher bandwidth with no re -spacing or re-splicing. The DC power supply is modular and located in an updated housing lid for easy access. All GainMaker System Amplifier modules are factory configured with reverse amplifier, diplex filters, thermal compensation circuit, forward interstage pads, and equalizer to ensure optimal performance. Optional single-pilot Automatic Gain Control (AGC) configurations are also available.
The GainMaker High Gain Balanced Triple (HGBT) System Amplifier has three forward outputs and is ideally suited for providing high (bridger) level RF to the feeder network.
  • Common RF test points for forward output and reverse injection simplify reverse balancing

    Increased forward gain

    High-performance GaAsFET gain stage technology

    Fixed-value, plug-in accessories are common to all GainMaker products

    60 and 90 volt AC powering capability

    15 ampere current capacity (steady state) and 25 ampere surge survivability

    Optional 3-state reverse switch (on/off/-6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring required)

    AGC has Thermal backup, which eliminates disruptive RF output variation in the event of pilot loss

    Improved hum modulation

    Plug-in, self-contained diplex filters

    Modular high-efficiency power supply allows simplified maintenance

    Reverse input pad and RF test point for each reverse input port allow optimum reverse path design and alignment

    Directional Coupler RF test points provide best accuracy

    Surge resistant circuitry ensures gain stage protection without fuses or other nuisance failure causing devices

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