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Cisco 1.2GHz GainMaker Line Extender
Cisco 1.2GHz GainMaker Line Extender


Product Code: GAINMAKER1.2GHZ

Description Technical Specs

The Cisco® 1.2GHz GainMaker® GaN System Amplifier is the latest-generation broadband amplifier in the Cisco GainMaker platform. Gallium nitride (GaN) technology supports RF output levels up to 57 dBmV. The Cisco GaN amplifier (Figure 1) provides one high-level forward RF output. All Cisco GainMaker products share common plug-in accessories and perform to 1.2 GHz in the forward path.

Cisco 1.2GHz GainMaker system amplifier modules have increased gain to allow drop-in for 750-MHz spacing and are mechanically compatible with previous Cisco GainMaker System Amplifier 1.0GHz GMLE housing bases, often allowing upgrade to higher bandwidth with no respacing or resplicing. The DC power supply is modular and located in an updated housing lid for easy access. All Cisco 1.2GHz GainMaker system amplifier modules are factory configured with reverse amplifier, diplex filters, thermal compensation circuit, forward interstage pads, and equalizer to promote optimal performance. Optional single-pilot automatic gain control (AGC) configurations are also available.

  • High-performance GaN gain stage technology

    Plug-in accessories that are common to all Cisco GainMaker nodes and Cisco GS7000 products (i.e., attenuator pads, equalizers, diplexers, and crowbar)

    Amplifier cover that provides access to RF test points

    Power supply mounted in housing lid for efficient thermal dissipation (60- and 90-VAC powering capability)

    15A current capacity (steady state) and 25A surge survivability

    Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) pilot AGC available (optional)

    AGC with thermal backup, which eliminates disruptive RF output variation in the event of pilot loss

    Reverse input pad and RF test point for each reverse input port to allow optimum reverse path design and alignment

    Surge-resistant circuitry that helps ensure gain stage protection without fuses or other failure-causing devices

    Figure 2. Block Diagram - Cisco 1.2 GHz GainMaker Line Extender

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