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GX2-CM100B control module
GX2-CM100B control module


Product Code: MOT-CM100B


The GX2-CM100B control module supervises all the application modules and power supplies within the housing while also serving as the communication gateway between the modules and the various user interfaces. Three tri-colored LEDs are located on the front panel of the module: one indicates the worst-case status for all application modules and the other two indicate the status of the power supplies. The front panel Ethernet port allows local control and monitoring of all modules through a Web browser-style interface on a PC. The rear Ethernet port can be used for SNMP communications with a network management system.
Although the application modules can operate without it, the control module is necessary to setup and monitor modules through either the display option on the shelf door or the Web browser-style interface. The control module also enables some of the advanced OmniStar GX2 features such as Quick-Swap Module Configuration and downloadable firmware.

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