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Model 6940 Nodes Model 6940 Nodes

The Model 6940 Collector/Terminator Node is a three port unbalanced node of the Prisma Model 6940 Node family, specially designed for the collector / terminator architecture.
In the forward path, the high gain optical receiver in both the collector node and the terminator node accepts 1310 and 1550 nm wavelength optical inputs and provides forward RF output to the launch amplifier module.  The launch amplifier has three unbalanced forward RF outputs, one of which has a 5 dB higher level than the other two.
In the reverse path, the launch amplifier in both the collector node and the terminator node has three reverse RF inputs fed from the HFC plant.  The three RF inputs to the terminator node are combined and amplified in the launch amplifier and routed to an RF output port.  The RF output is routed to the collector node through an operator-installed, hard-line coaxial cable.  The collector node combines this RF signal with its three reverse input signals.  The combined reverse signals from both the terminator and collector node are amplified and routed to the collector node’s reverse transmitter for optical transmission to the headend or hubsite.
The Model 6940 Collector/Terminator Node utilizes a standard Model 6940 Node housing.  The housing incorporates many features that enhance ease of use and reliability, such as a separate AC powering port, optional redundant power supply, and extended ports to allow for easy heat shrink weather protection.
The Model 6940 Collector/Terminator Node can also be configured with a Scientific-Atlanta status monitoring transponder.  The transponder, in conjunction with Transmission Network Control System (TNCS), or other compatible element management system, enables remote monitoring of critical node related parameters, and remote control of each optional reverse path switch for ingress troubleshooting.