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SMP180 Multi Channel Receiver SMP180 Multi Channel Receiver

With a flexible modular design, SMP180 can receive and process digital programs from up to 12 DVB-S2 transponders or 12 QAM-RF frequencies. With a different set up, SMP180 can support program decryption via four multi-channel CAM modules with commonly adopted CAS in the market. With ASI and IP interfaces for input and output, SMP180 can be integrated into any headend systems for content delivery and re-distribution.

1) Variety of inputs including DVB-S2, QAM-RF, ASI and IP
2) Independent ASI and IP output for different applications.
3) Up to four integrated DVB common interfaces to descramble four full transport streams
4) Support program remultiplexing and PSI/SI table regeneration
5) Support EPG/EIT remultiplexing (optional)
6) Support MPE decapsulation solution (optional)
7) Configuration and monitoring programs via NMS, Web GUI or SNMP)