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HD Tablet/Touch Analyzer HD Tablet/Touch Analyzer

BTPRO-7000S is a professional HD Tablet/Touch Analyzer having a frequency range of 4 – 2,250 MHz. Featuring a 7 inch diagonal color screen, compact size and lightweight, it is the perfect instrument for analyzing and logging HD/SD QPSK/8PSK satellite, 8VSB, QAM and analog television or radio signals in the lab or out in the field.


  • Measurements:
    • MER, PER, LDPC, BCH, aBER, bBER, EVM, noise margin, level/power, real time spectrum analyzer and constellation display
  • CATV Measurements:
    • DOCSIS downstream, INGRESS mode, LEAKAGE mode, BAR SCAN and TILT
  • TV and CATV tuner, extended band, 4-1000 MHz
  • Satellite tuner, extended band, 930-2250 MHz
  • Auto discovery system automatically detects and selects analog and digital 8VSB/QAM TV signals in both Measurement and Spectrum modes
  • Spectrum in real time, fast and super-fast with memory peak
  • Detects, measures and displays video of MPEG 2/4 and H.264 HD programs
  • All measurements, program lists, A/V PIDs, NET ID, virtual channel number, settings and pictures on one screen
  • Automatic quality analysis: FAIL-MARG-PASS
  • Auto memory, Manual memory and Datalogger functions
  • Help function automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation SAT, TV and CATV
  • Bar scan TV and CATV function from 10 to 100 channels on one screen
  • Audio decoding of AAC and AC3
  • Battery test function, to regenerate and measure the batteries and calibrate the battery indicator
  • Pre-memorized SAT transponder navigation
  • Assisted satellite dish pointing
  • DiSEqC commands

QAM/8VSB/Analog Signal Analyzer QAM/8VSB/Analog Signal Analyzer

The BTPRO-1000 is a versatile CATV test instrument for measuring both digital and analog CATV and Broadcast TV signals. Robust and easy to use, BTPRO-1000 provides hours of operating time from its high capacity battery. The instrument comes complete with a soft carrying case, AC main and automotive chargers. An optional Pro:Idiom™ Key Recovery feature is available for Hospitality applications that employ Pro:Idiom™ television sets. The option consists of a built-in frequency agile QAM modulator that connects directly to an affected Pro:Idiom™ TV to provide new encryption key information.


  • QAM/8VSB/NTSC Measurements
  • Extended frequency range of 4-1000 MHz
  • MER, aBER, bBER, Noise Margin and Level/Power measurements plus Spectrum Analysis
  • Automatic quality analysis: FAIL-MARGINAL-PASS
  • Auto Seek & Store Function - an essential feature for creating custom memory channel plans. Scans receivable signals, determines signal type (QAM,8VSB or analog) and stores only those channels having signal levels above user defined values
  • Ingress and Leakage Modes
  • Data Logger Function: Steps through each channel in the “Active” memory plan and stores all related measurements
  • Graphics Display
  • Alpha-numeric keypad
  • Optional TV Key Recovery for Hospitality Pro:Idiom™ systems
  • MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer

    MTSA-PRO (MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer – ASI/RF/IP to USB) is a compact device used to capture, analyze and/ or generate MPEG ASI transport streams. The MTSA-PRO features a single DVB-ASI input and output with USB (half duplex), and RF input. The MTSA-PRO with its included software combined with a user’s PC creates an MPEG ASI Transport Stream Analyzer for real-time analyzing, monitoring, and decoding. The MTSA-PRO can also serve as a PSI/PSIP generator and advertisement inserter.

    • Real time analysis via RF/ASI/IP input and TS file
    • Single DVB-ASI input and single DVB-ASI output adapter for USB (half duplex)
    • MPEG TS analysis and capture with HEVC support
    • USB 2.0, bus powered, no power supply required
    • ATSC, DVB-C, DVB-T and OpenCable DTV standards compliant
    • ETSI TR 101 290 Priority with real-time 4-stage error monitoring reporting and error logging.
    • Diagnostic and verification of MPEG designs
    • PCR & PTS analysis, arrive time graphing, measurement display and jitter analysis
    • Triggered recording
    • Data rate analysis
    • Table and packet views
    • SI/PSI & PSIP view and interval analysis
    • CAS view: ECM and EMM repetition rate and update time
    • PES header analysis
    • Real-time A/V decoding
    • Modulation Error Rate (MER)
    • Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI)
    • SCTE-35 marker detection
    • File loopback feature for continuous replays
    • RF input scan feature identifies active channels