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Prisma II 1310nm HDTx Transmitter
Prisma II 1310nm HDTx Transmitter


Product Code: SAPRII1310HDTX

The Prisma II™ optical network is an advanced transmission system designed to optimize network architecture and increase reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness. The 1310 nm High Density Transmitters (HDTx) are designed for use in the standard Prisma II chassis* and utilize standard power supplies and fan tray. The ability to mix high-density transmitter modules with other PII modules in the same chassis greatly enhances the flexibility of the platform. Up to 26 transmitters can operate in a standard 6 RU Prisma II Chassis effectively doubling the density for 1310 nm transmitters in the chassis. The transmitter has 1 GHz passband which greatly increases the bandwidth for high definition TV and other advanced services. Microprocessor control allows ease of installation and flexibility of application. The transmitters are offered in a wide range of output powers, from 3 dBm to 15 dBm.

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