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Prisma II 1550nm Optical Amplifier
Prisma II 1550nm Optical Amplifier


Product Code: SAPRII1550OPAMP

The Prisma II™ optical network is an advanced transmission system designed to optimize network architectures and increase reliability, scalability, and cost effectiveness. Prisma II 1550 nm Optical Amplifiers offer a wide range of
configurations and output powers for the ultimate in network architecture flexibility.

The Prisma II Optical Amplifiers are available as single modules with various output options or as configured amplifier systems with a pre-amplifier and a corresponding amplifier module. Additional post-amplifier modules can be
designed in for greater routing capabilities.

Gain Flattened EDFA
The Prisma II Gain Flattened Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is designed for use in multiple wavelength systems. This highly versatile EDFA maximizes system performance and flexibility by providing automatic gain control (AGC) while maintaining gain flatness for up to 40 wavelengths. The Prisma II Gain Flattened EDFA gives the user the flexibility to select between having constant composite output power or having constant gain per wavelength.

Single Optical Amplifier Modules
The Prisma II Optical Amplifiers offer a broad range of output powers in stand-alone modules. Operating over a wide range of input powers from a Prisma II 1550 nm Transmitter or another 1550 nm Optical Amplifier upstream, the amplifier modules provide reliable, high-performance transmission of voice, video, and datasignals for all optical networking needs.

Configurable Optical Amplifier System
The configurable system consists of one high-power 8 x +17 dBm pre-amplifier module and one post-amplifier module. The post-amplifier module is available with various number of output port and power output options. For flexibility in network expansion, add-on post-amplifier modules can be added to the configurable system.

Add-On Post-Amplifier Modules
Up to seven (7) additional post-amplifier modules can be used with the configurable system for outstanding network expansion capabilities. Post-amplifier modules require the high optical input provided by the pre-amplifier modules of the
configurable system.

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